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Google is doing more to attract developers and publishers to Stadia. During an online presentation this week, Google announced an updated revenue share program that will go into effect later this year, as well as a handful of other incentives to attract new partners and keep existing clients from jumping ship.

Starting October 1, Google will lower its revenue cut to just 15 percent for the first $3 million that a title earns on the platform. Notably, this isn’t retroactive, and is only applicable to new games launching between October 1 and the end of 2023. Unfortunately, developers and publishers that are already on Stadia or those that plan on putting their games up before October aren’t eligible for the more attractive share.

What’s more, starting this month, any new game that enters into Stadia Pro will earn a piece of the subscription pie. Specifically, Stadia Pro will give back 70 percent of monthly revenue to partners based on engagement.

It doesn’t end there, however, as Google also introduced a new affiliate marketing program that aims to reward partners with a $10 payment when a trial user signs up for Stadia Pro using their “Click to Play” link.

Google is the latest in a rapidly growing list of companies offering more attractive revenue sharing programs in hopes of making developers and publishers happier. Amazon did so just last month, following closely in the footsteps of Apple, Epic and even Google, who cut commissions on its Play Store in half earlier this year.