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A fed-up family who wanted to ditch working 60-hour weeks and paying massive bills for rubbish rented homes, bought a decommissioned school bus and changed their lives.

Jessica Rucha and Adam Cerre gutted the bus they got for £1,700 and refurbed it by watching YouTube videos.

They decided to leave their lives and hit the road permanently with children Laken, six, and Holton, five.

And claim the change also saved their marriage, and have since had daughter Joella, two.

They family only visit the shops two or three times a month, to limit their time in cities, and prefer to camp out in national forests of the United States.

The youngsters are all home schooled, and free-spirited Jessica, 26, and Adam, 28, prefer to base their lessons around the cities and states they visit, and the nature and plants they find.

Adam now makes money through photography, selling T-shirts, marketing and odd jobs, with the family getting by on around £700 a month – spending their money on propane, phone bills and petrol.

Jessica, from Smiths Creek, Michigan said: “This was not part of our plan nor was it an easy decision, we honestly did this because we were hanging on by a thread.

“I’d be lying if I said no one calls us crazy or throws in a ‘I could never live like that, have no big closet, be that close to my spouse etc’.

“We own our home and we have a new backyard weekly, sometimes daily.

“This lifestyle has humbled us so much and taught us more than any household job ever could.

“I don’t think we will ever be normal or have a normal life again.”

Jessica met partner Adam in 2011 and they lived together in Lexington, Michigan with their two children.

But in 2017, mechanic Adam started to have serious problems with drink.

Jessica said: “Adam was an alcoholic and I was about done. It started off innocent like anyone else. No one has a say in if they will become addict or not.

“He is a ‘chugger’ when he drinks anything, smoothies, water, pop, so alcohol was no exception.

“I started affiliate marketing while stressing about staying at home with the kids and learning about other ways to work remotely.

“He was lying and snuck his drinking from me but was also our breadwinner and couldn’t quit his job to go to rehab nor did I trust he would actually go to meetings, so the bus was his path to recovery.”

She read online about a family who’d spent a year travelling in an RV, and noticed they spent significantly less than their family – while seeing a whole lot more.

“I knew that as long as we were living this way we would always be struggling and I wanted to be able to help others, not live for just myself forever.”

Both Adam, now three years sober, and Jessica gave up drinking entirely, quit their jobs and bought their school bus, in early 2018.

Jessica said: “Owning a tiny home and having little to no utilities means needing less money and being able to give back when we earn more.

“Less space means less stuff – can’t go crazy on shopping when there’s no room!

“Adam and I were both raised by blue collar workers and raised to work hard, that’s what we always thought we would do.

“But it didn’t work for us, we want more out of life and for our children’s lives.

“You have one life. That 9-to-5 will replace you right after you die but you will bust your bottom for years for their dream and never work on your own.

“We do want to homestead someday on our own property to grow our own food but will always have the skills we’ve learned on the road.

“We feel blessed every day in every way to live this life and thank God for carrying us through and for his beautiful creations.”