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Cooler Master’s Orb X will seemingly be offered in your choice of white or black color schemes, and RGB lighting looks to be prominently featured throughout. No word yet on pricing or availability, but you can be sure that if this does eventually find its way to the consumer market, it won’t come cheap.

Cooler Master has unveiled what it is calling a fully immersive, multi-purpose, semi-enclosed workstation for professionals and gamers alike.

One look at the Orb X and it’s pretty clear that this will likely appeal more to the gaming crowd. The “workstation” is enclosed in a fully motorized “shuttle dome” which Cooler Master says maximizes privacy.

The enclosure supports up to a single 49-inch display or three 27-inch monitors as well as surround sound speakers for encompassing audio without headphones.

The egg-shaped enclosure additionally affords an adjustable head rest, lumbar support and a footrest. If you were to be cooped up in something like this for hours on end, comfort would no doubt be a top priority.

At the touch of a button, the retractable dome can be raised or lowered, allowing you to more easily enter and exit the Orb X.

The compartment you see on the rear of the Orb X folds out and has a sliding tray meant to hold your gaming rig, work PC or perhaps even game consoles. Everything is enclosed so wiring shouldn’t be an issue. Hopefully Cooler Master addressed ventilation, as an encased system is otherwise going to get very toasty under load.